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Course Outline - MS Windows Server 2019 [Customized] [ราคาเต็ม 10000 ลดเหลือ 5000]

Duration:        2   days

Module 1: Configuring local storage
How to manage disks and volumes in Windows Server 2019.
•    Managing disks in Windows Server
•    Managing volumes in Windows Server

Module 2: Installing and configuring Hyper-V and virtual machines
Overview of Hyper-V and virtualization, configure storage and networking on Hyper-V host servers. Additionally, how to configure and manage Hyper-V virtual machines.
•    Overview of Hyper-V
•    Installing Hyper-V
•    Configuring storage & networking on Hyper-V host servers
•    Configuring Hyper-V virtual machines
•    Managing virtual machines

Module 3: Planning and implementing an IPv4 network
use fundamental networking tools and techniques to configure IPv4-based networks. 
•    Planning IPv4 addressing
•    Configuring an IPv4 host
•    Managing and troubleshooting IPv4 network connectivity

Module 4: Implementing IPv6
How to implement IPv6, and integrate IPv6 and IPv4 networks. 
•    Overview of IPv6 addressing
•    Configuring an IPv6 host
•    Implementing IPv6 and IPv4 coexistence
•    Transitioning from IPv4 to IPv6

Module 5: Implementing DNS
How to install, configure, and troubleshoot DNS within the organization’s network. 
•    Implementing DNS servers
•    Configuring zones in DNS
•    Configuring name resolution between DNS zones
•    Configuring DNS integration with Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
•    Configuring advanced DNS settings

Module 6: Implementing DHCP
installation and configuration of DHCP as well as managing a DHCP database.  It also covers security and monitoring of DHCP, including auditing and logging
•    Installing a DHCP Server Role
•    Configuring DHCP Scopes
•    Managing a DHCP Database
•    Securing and Monitoring DHCP

Module 7: Installing and configuring domain controllers
How to install domain controllers (DCs). It also covers the considerations for deploying DCs. 
•    Overview of AD DS
•    Overview of AD DS domain controllers
•    Deploying a domain controller

Module 8: Managing objects in AD DS
Techniques to manage objects in AD DS, includes creating and configuring user, group, and computer objects. 
•    Managing user accounts
•    Managing groups in AD DS
•    Managing computer objects in AD DS
•    Using Windows PowerShell for AD DS administration

Module 9: Implementing Group Policy
Implement a GPO infrastructure and overview of the components and technologies that compose the Group Policy framework. 
•    Introducing Group Policy
•    Implementing and administering GPOs
•    Group Policy scope and Group Policy processing
•    Troubleshooting the application of GPOs

Module 10: Implementing Files and Print Services
Covers securing files, folders and network file share, in addition to using shadow copies to protect network file shares. 
•    Securing Files and Folders
•    Protecting Shared Files and Folders using Shadow Copies
•    Configuring Network Printing

Module 11: Optimizing and securing file services
How to optimize file services by configuring File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) and learn how to protect a device’s data by using encryption or BitLocker and manage access to shared files by protecting shared files and folders 
•    File Server Resource Manager
•    Implementing classification management and file-management tasks
•    Protecting Shared Files and Folders by using Shadow Copies

Module 12: Monitoring MS Windows Server
monitoring tools available in Windows Server and how to use Performance Monitor and Events
•    Monitoring Tools
•    Using Performance Monitor and monitoring Event Logs

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